Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be fit to join?

No! We take people of all abilities, all you need is a desire to improve your fitness.

What ages do you take?

Children’s classes are for ages 8-12 years, Adult classes are from 13+. We have no upper age limit, we just ask that if there is any doubt about your physical condition you discuss with us before undertaking any training.

Are your instructors safe?

All of our instructors have an enhanced DBS disclosure, are up to date with first aid training and have completed safeguarding training. Each club is overseen by the welfare officer at the GBAKA.

Can I take part in competitions?

Yes! We hold regular tournaments and competitions and we recommend our students take part if they want to, although there is no requirement to take part for those that don’t.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

For students that dedicate time to learning the syllabus and take part in every available grading it will take roughly 5 years from beginner to black belt level. Younger children can sometimes take up to 10 years to achieve Black Belt status.

Can I come and watch a class before taking part?

We recommend that you come and take a look and try out a class before enrolling. Your first class training will be free.

Will I be tied into a contract?

We do not think that our students should be signed into a contract. You can start a standing order to pay for your monthly sessions but there is no obligation to continue if you decide you would like to leave.

What should I wear to take part?

Tracksuit bottoms, or shorts and a t-shirt are fine. It’s important that you are comfortable. Once you join you will be given a club t-shirt and trousers.

Do I have to take part in sparring?

Sparring isn’t a requirement but we think it is a helpful tool to assist in learning the various moves throughout your training. If you don’t feel comfortable sparring, you do not have to.

Will I have to buy lots of equipment to train with you?

No. You will get your kit when you sign up with us, and we have a few pairs of gloves and focus pads for everyone to use. We would recommend that you purchase your own gloves, a pair of focus pads for use in classes and if you would like to take part in our sparring classes you will need a full sparring kit – Head guard, shin pads, groin guard and gum shield. All of these items are available to purchase from our shop.

What training is given?

We mostly focus on kickboxing and Muay Thai but we have a few strikes from Wado Ryu Karate. You can take a look at our syllabus when you attend your free class to see what moves we teach.

Do you have to grade?

No! There is no requirement to attend grading sessions and earn your belts. Gradings are held twice per year

I have done martial arts before; will my grade be recognised by this club?

Yes. Please speak to an instructor if you had prior training. We examine each students Martial Arts background individually, and will accredit prior learning with the appropriate proof and after knowledge of our syllabus has been demonstrated.


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