Month: February 2017

4 Week Home Education Course

Home Education Course

Home education course for kickboxing

March brings the start of our 4 week home education course for kickboxing. Starting on 1st March and running until 22nd March we will be teaching the children a full syllabus of kickboxing, self-defence and anti-bullying techniques.

Here is the full home education course breakdown:

Week 1:

Warm up & stretching

Kickboxing stances L&R

Basic Boxing Techniques

Line Work

Pad Work

Fun Martial Arts Drills


Week 2:

Warm up & stretching

Basic kickboxing kicks

Line work

Kick shield drills

Fun martial arts drills


Week 3:

Warm up & stretching

Boxing & Kicking techniques combos

Pad work

Fun martial arts drills
Week 4:

Warm up & stretching

Self defence & blocking attacks

Anti Bullying techniques

Confidence techniques (get back, beat the drum, foot stomp)

The course is open to home educating families with children over the age of 5, and we will be starting with 25 spaces.

The course will run from 10-11am at Stanpit Village Hall and will cost a total of £30 per child.

For details please contact Sifu Jim

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